Thursday, November 29, 2007


So the BYU v Utah game was quite the exciting event. Even though we should've put them away in the third quarter, we always like to make the game exciting and figure out how to play in the last few mins. Props to the defense though! Here are some pics from the game.

Pete is now a Fully Invested COUGAR FAN! Way to choose the right :)
(his parents went to Utah)

During the game

Storming the field afterwards! Yes i was by myself! I pushed right through to the middle!

Sweet Pic of Brian Keele. It was just way fun :)

I wish my family could've come to the game because it was a blast! Maybe next year...


ej said...

Poor Pete can't help the sins of his parents- he has chosen wisely :) That last picture is great!

Camille Larie said...

Marianne! i found your blog...u are so cute! i don't know if you remember me...cami. so i totally was at this game too! it was so sweet! you are beautiful and i hope you are loving BYu! loves