Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So Halloween has come and gone! Wow there are lots of halloween parties! One is never without something to do out here, thats for sure. Last Thursday we had a ward Halloween party where everyone dressed up and we had a dance afterwards. That was good fun! My friends and I also of course made it to two different Halloween dance parties on friday and saturday. what a weekend! Here are some pictures from the dance

Sarah and I are dressed up as Harry and Hermoine! Doesnt it look like we are waiting for the Knight Bus? (...Harry fans would understand...)

Here are just some friends and I at the dance!

Its a Death Eater! AHHH!

My Army friend Tim...except he really is in the ROTC program so this wasnt very creative.

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Im counting down the days until Christmas break! AHHH!


ej said...

I love Harry and Hermoine waiting for the night bus! Too funny- and I laughed at the ROTC not very creative guy lol- we missed you trick or treating too!! Esp. cuz Nathan's not around :( We can't wait to see you at Christmas either!!!

The Bell Family said...

Oh the days of good old Provo...gotta love 'em! Glad you're having fun! Great costume too.