Thursday, November 29, 2007


So the BYU v Utah game was quite the exciting event. Even though we should've put them away in the third quarter, we always like to make the game exciting and figure out how to play in the last few mins. Props to the defense though! Here are some pics from the game.

Pete is now a Fully Invested COUGAR FAN! Way to choose the right :)
(his parents went to Utah)

During the game

Storming the field afterwards! Yes i was by myself! I pushed right through to the middle!

Sweet Pic of Brian Keele. It was just way fun :)

I wish my family could've come to the game because it was a blast! Maybe next year...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Family Metaphor

So for my introduction to family processes class i had to come up with a metaphor to describe my family. i could not use any photos to depict them, just think of ways that they could be represented in an abstract sense. it took me forever to think of something, but this is my final product. What do ya think?

The first one is the whole thing, while the second and third are side views. So can you figure it out? is this like my family? lol

I think the best parts are the football and basketball paper! Sweet

Decades Dance!

Yet another dance! This one was kinda lame though. They basically tried to force us to learn how to swing dance instead of actually having a dance. i took lots of pictures though! yay!

I was an awesome hippie :). My friend sean tried to be a hippie, but i don't think that just a tie dye shirt cuts it. I dont really know what pete was trying to be, but a red womens blazer is definately the way to go. My friend Cami (who also happens to be our Relief Chief aka Relief Society President) was from the 80's. So basically the best part of this dance was dressing up and taking pictures. yay! i miss you all! only 41 days until i come home! yayyy

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So Halloween has come and gone! Wow there are lots of halloween parties! One is never without something to do out here, thats for sure. Last Thursday we had a ward Halloween party where everyone dressed up and we had a dance afterwards. That was good fun! My friends and I also of course made it to two different Halloween dance parties on friday and saturday. what a weekend! Here are some pictures from the dance

Sarah and I are dressed up as Harry and Hermoine! Doesnt it look like we are waiting for the Knight Bus? (...Harry fans would understand...)

Here are just some friends and I at the dance!

Its a Death Eater! AHHH!

My Army friend Tim...except he really is in the ROTC program so this wasnt very creative.

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Im counting down the days until Christmas break! AHHH!