Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Greatest Boyfriend Ever :)

So Bradley told me he has been searching and searching for good daises to get me because those are my favorite flowers. He said the Halloween ones were ugly and the Thanksgiving ones were weird, but these Christmas ones are perfect! I love them so much! He is basically the greatest ever :)

Yea, I caught a good one :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So I know this is late, but I forgot I had these pics on my camera. My dear brother Jeffrey was able to get tickets to the byu v. utah football game for me bradley, tommy (my brother) and tommy's friend. We had a lot of fun, even though we lost horribly. blah. here are some pics from the game! Scroll down to see my greatest new battle scar

Bradley and I at Halftime.

Bradley and I cheering on BYU! This is what I get when I ask him to take a "normal" picture with me haha.

Tommy and his friend Josh.

Halftime show.

As Bradley would put it, I got to play basketball with "the big boys" tonight. Despite the fact that I was the biggest person there besides Bradley, I still managed to slightly injure myself. I decided that I am a walking magnet for odd injuries. First my floating rib, then my retardo back, and now I get a chunk of my face taken off. What's next? I don't even want to list an idea because with my luck, it would come true. Luckily I'm pretty tough (right mom?) so I can handle this sort of stuff haha. As if I don't get beat up in practice enough everyday with girls who have got 20+ pounds on me digging their elbows into my already feeble ribcage. mmm what the life I lead! :)

What a nice chunk of eye just gone right there! Fabulous. You should have seen the other guy though. It was a sad story. I was breakin his ankles all night! And for those of you not too familiar with athletic jargon, try as they might (cough, Erin, cough), I do love you, and will explain! As urban dictionary defines, breaking ankles is defined as this:

break ankles

...making such a good offensive move that the defender falls and breaks an ankle

Coach: "Let's break ankles in the game tonight!"

:) Those boys don't know what hit em!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break in the Rupe!

This past Thanksgiving I drove up with my boyfriend Bradley to spend some time with his family in Rupert, Idaho!!! I know you all must be so proud I am dating a good ol' Idaho boy! (hold applause) We had an amazing time, just chillin,eating tons of food, sleeping in and hanging out with the family.

Here we are on Thanksgiving Day!

This is us about to take a ride on his four wheeler! My very first time EVER driving one. I was scared out of my mind because of horror stories I have heard of people and crazy injuries...and we ALL know how Rosie would feel if I hurt myself again! (Love you mom :)!)Don't worry, we were very careful.

Don't I look like a natural? :) It was FREEZING COLD!!

My turn driving...we truly had a blast! :)

On Saturday after thanksgiving, I went with Bradley and his family to their church building in Acequia? Or something...haha. There they had the annual Jurgensmeier Family Christmas party! Woo WOo! It was a good time getting know his family and just playing some games.

One of the games involved groups of four blowing up balloons and putting them in pantyhose to make reindeer antlers. Our antlers (and some sweet moves by Bradley) sealed the win for us, along with some candy!

Me with the cutest reindeer there :) (Don't be embarassed Bradley ;))

All in all it was an awesome trip! Sorry I couldn't come up to Boise to see a lot of you guys, but hopefully I will see you all soon at Jessica's wedding. Yay! I cannot wait to go back to Virginia at Christmas and show Bradley my neck of the woods!