Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Valentines Day

So I know Valentines Day was FOREVER ago, but since I finally have some free time I need to post about the amazingness of Brad. I really have the best husband in the world!! For Valentines Day I had to get up early for homework and Brad surprised me with post-it notes all over our bedroom! On each post-it he wrote reasons why he loves me. They were all really cute!

Later Brad came home and made me a lovely dinner, Lasagna with garlic bread and salad. It is his specialty! We had fun just having a low-key V-day together. Brad got me some cute earrings (Juicy of course!) and I got him a sweet new tie.

After dinner Brad even made us some homemade sugar cookies. We had fun cutting out V-day shapes and decorating them together. It was a great day!!

I love Bradley R!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


THUNDERCATS, HOOO!!! So last night my intramural basketball team became the DI Intramural basketball champions!! It was a close game but clutch free throws at the end sealed the deal! It was so fun playing with these girls this season, and it was awesome to end my years as a college intramural athlete on such a high note. Go Thundercats!

The last picture is of me and the other bigs on the team. Couldn't have done it without such awesome posts!! We had such a fun season. It definitely feels great to go out on such a great win! :)