Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weddings, Football and Family- What Else Do You Need? :)

What a crazy two weeks this has been!! Brad and I have been driving to and fro for the past two weeks going to a wedding in Vegas, spending time with the Jurgensmeier siblings in St. George, driving back to Provo, going to and from Midway and Alpine, then all the activities inbetween. Whew! However, it really has been fun. We don't get to see the whole Bell Clan very often, so when we do, it really is special and super fun, but also super hard for me to say goodbye :( (yea, I'm kinda a whimp when it comes to stuff like that...) Anywho, here are some pics that we documented from our adventures!

Spending some time on the strip :)

LoveBirds in Vegas :)

Brad with a Sweet Motorcycle in Treasure Island

Had to 'pretend' play the slots! haha

One of my good friends Elise- what a beautiful bride! We are so happy for her and her husband Dustin. They are so cute together, and have always been awesome people. Elise and I were in the same Freshman ward, then roomed together at Spy Glas Apartments in Provo :)

Okay, I have to pause and digress momentarily...but I feel you won't be disappointed. As many of you know, Brad is not lacking in the 'hairy' department. Its not bad, but he definitely has a good amount of that stuff. Well, while we were unsuspectingly playing cards with Josh and Karee in St. George, Bradley made an amazing discovery-- An arm hair three times as long as his others. Now, at first we thought it was perhaps a hair fallen from his head--but no, this long, flowing hair was CONNECTED to his arm. As he pulled it, his skin even came up a bit! I tried to capture the beauty of the Super Hair, so I hope you can catch a glimpse of its rare amazingness. :)

Anywho, back to Thanksgiving break. My whole family was able to come out for Thanksgiving this year! It was really fun because I haven't had to the chance to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them since I have been in college. We all got together at Aunt Pam's house in Alpine for a fabulous dinner! It was fun to see all of my siblings and sisters in law, and of course my nephews!

Grandma with Weston

Bradley and I with our hott 'matching' plaid shirts, haha; and of course, Brad and his 'signature' smile, if you will.

Me and Ashton just playing around after dinner!

Me and Westie bear, the cutest little tot ever! Maybe I am biased, but my nephews are the CUTEST little boys on the planet! Thank goodness Tommy married Shayna to bring in the good genes :)

Then, of course, we were all excited for the huge game, BYU vs. UTAH!!! Before the big game, we got to eat lunch in the Varsity Club since Papa Bell was such a football stud back in the day :). Then, we got to go to the Cougar Club and listen to Dad give a quick speech about his reign as a Coug football captain and the awesomeness that BYU is. It was so fun, and we took a pic in front of the podium.

For the game, Bradley and I were quite comfortable on our second row, forty yard line seats. Good thing the cougs defeated the utes!! It was a great game, and of course we rushed the field at the end! GO COUGS, especially #58 :)

All in all, it was a fun but exhausting vacation. I wouldn't have changed it a bit though, expect to have made it longer so we could be with everyone more. Now I can't wait for these next two weeks of school to be over so we can party with the Jurgensmeiers for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween had two parts this year. First, I dressed as Hermoine from Harry Potter (it can't be stopped, I have all of the tools to be a completely convincing Hermoine). It was my at work costume, much easier to wear in front of your boss.

My friend Alicia was flapper, Karen was a jelly belly (with her pregnant belly) and Laura just wanted to join in the pictures. So much fun with my fellow school of music workers! haha.

Then, for the real Halloween Festivities! Bradley came up with our costumes this year. He was a Tool from Tool Academy and I was a girl from Charm School. (Both shows on MTV). I thought Bradley's was a little cooler than mine, but it worked out just fine. We had a good time.

First, we went to a small party with Jeff and Kathy (who made a great Barney and Betty Rubble) with her friends from California. Then, we went to a big outdoor dance party with Haunted House included. It was a good time. Later, we watched The Sixth Sense at Chase's apartment. Even though I have seen that movie a million times, it still manages to creep me out!!! It was a fun end to Halloween though! I loved looking at everyone else's cute Halloween Pics! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog Update: Football and Food!

Because it has been awhile since I have updated the blog, I have a lot of pics to put on here. Even though I woke up early to study for my test...I just want to finally post!! Brad and I have been feeling sick all weekend, and today is no different. We are supposed to take care of each other in sickness right?? Even if we look bad? haha

I think we will just be lounging around today while I study for one more test, two quizzes and a paper I have to have done by tomorrow!! I already took two other tests this weekend (darn that testing center!). It has not been the most enjoyable weekend of all time, but the football game and conference helped boost it up.

First Football game: BYU vs Oklahoma
Excited for the game?

What an amazing win! There was a huge party in the Wilkinson Center were thousands of people came to watch the big game!! The Wilk was PACKED, with people filling the ballroom, the terrace and the Varsity Theatre. It was so exciting to watch us win such a huge game with so many people around.
One of the best parts of the game was Max Hall's SHOCKED face at the end!

1st Home Football Game: BYU vs. Florida State
Here are pics of us at the very first home BYU Football game!!
Although we lost...it was still the first home game! We have seats on the 2nd row, right behind the team, which is AMAZING. Talk about superfans huh? :) We got a few shots of Jeff and the team on the sidelines.

2nd Home Football game vs. Colorado
Although not the most beautiful game, at least we pulled off a large margin win!Here are the captains on the field. I just want Max Hall to stop with those interceptions!! We had fun though. After wins, the team comes around and gives high fives to all the people along the first row (anyone can run up there after the game) Luckily I was able to snag a pic with Jeffy! (even though my body looks weirdly contorted.

Finally, we round off this weekend with the BYU vs. Utah State Game
It was the first cold game of the season! I think thats why Brad and I started feeling so crappy that night. We were out in the cold for four hours! Although I had a coat, a sweatshirt, a blanket, warm boots, a hat and gloves, I still got sick. But what is a diehard fan to do? Recover during the week! Even though Max Hall is now leading the country in interceptions....still love the Cougs!

Lastly, I just had to document my very first crockpot dinner! Brad and I both work from about 12:30- 5:00, so we have the half hour from 12:00-12:30 t0 eat lunch in between class and work. The other day, I spent that time making this dinner so it would be ready when we got home! It worked out great! I can't wait to try out more recipes on it!

Sorry that so many of my pics are of me smiling and Brad looking awkward. For some reason, he HATES taking pictures and tries to just be goofy in all of them...what a weird kid I married... :) Gotta love him though!

Whew! Well that's it for now! I'll try to be better on keeping the blog updated from now on!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brad turns 24!

While we were in Virginia for our open house, we got to celebrate Bradley's 24th birthday! We had fun eating at Joe's Crab Shack and Opening Presents. I love going to Virginia, its always such a party! The Best part about Joe's Crab Shack was the fact that Brad and my dad had to wear cute little aprons, then Brad had to fly around the restaurant like a bird as they sang happy birthday. I scored a sweet video of that. Enjoy!

We also got to go over to Brads brothers apartment a few days later and eat cake and celebrate with his family.

This is our (ha..our!) nephew Josh. He loves playing with cell phones. We got to take care of him on monday afternoon and it was fun getting some of Brad's relatives to like me hahah. He is adorable :)

I'm not sure this is something to be proud of, buttt....

Brad has an uncanny ability to stick out his stomach far enough to look pregnant. Yum. This is him compared to his sister in law Linsy. She is due in September. Another nephew for us soon!

Finally, before our open house, some of my good girl friends met up at Clydes in Ashburn for a girls Brunch. It was a fun time just catching up with everyone.

I miss being in Virginia so much! Those days eating "mussins" with the Jensens and playing Wii with everyone...we can't wait to go back! Thanks for a great trip everyone, especially Momma Bell for planning a wonderful Open House. Oreo Balls are the new favorite treat!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Married!

I am now officially Mrs. Marianne Jurgensmeier! Holy cow!! Our wedding was so amazing and happy, I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks to everyone for making it such a special day!

Love you all! Watch for newlywed updates! haha :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

City of Rocks

This past weekend I was up in Rupert Idaho (where Bradley my fiancee is from). He is living there right now and vigorously studying for the DAT, so we only get to see each other on weekends. Kinda sucks :( but he taking it next week (June 9) !!!! I am so excited, even though I doubt he is haha.

Anywho, we went to City of Rocks this weekend. Its this really cool national park about an hour from Brads house in Rupert. We rock climbed and had a little bonfire with hot dogs and smores! It was way fun

Here is Brad with my future Nephew Tate!

Rock Climbing!! It was so much fun, but we all got a few scrapes.

We climbed this huge rock called Bathtub. Here is us on the top of it!

Here is the view from the top of the tub! it was so high and we climbed up without any ropes! Yea I was whining about it, but it ended up ok.

Dangling from the rocks!

What a stud I am marrying!

We had a great time just playing all night long!