Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weddings, Football and Family- What Else Do You Need? :)

What a crazy two weeks this has been!! Brad and I have been driving to and fro for the past two weeks going to a wedding in Vegas, spending time with the Jurgensmeier siblings in St. George, driving back to Provo, going to and from Midway and Alpine, then all the activities inbetween. Whew! However, it really has been fun. We don't get to see the whole Bell Clan very often, so when we do, it really is special and super fun, but also super hard for me to say goodbye :( (yea, I'm kinda a whimp when it comes to stuff like that...) Anywho, here are some pics that we documented from our adventures!

Spending some time on the strip :)

LoveBirds in Vegas :)

Brad with a Sweet Motorcycle in Treasure Island

Had to 'pretend' play the slots! haha

One of my good friends Elise- what a beautiful bride! We are so happy for her and her husband Dustin. They are so cute together, and have always been awesome people. Elise and I were in the same Freshman ward, then roomed together at Spy Glas Apartments in Provo :)

Okay, I have to pause and digress momentarily...but I feel you won't be disappointed. As many of you know, Brad is not lacking in the 'hairy' department. Its not bad, but he definitely has a good amount of that stuff. Well, while we were unsuspectingly playing cards with Josh and Karee in St. George, Bradley made an amazing discovery-- An arm hair three times as long as his others. Now, at first we thought it was perhaps a hair fallen from his head--but no, this long, flowing hair was CONNECTED to his arm. As he pulled it, his skin even came up a bit! I tried to capture the beauty of the Super Hair, so I hope you can catch a glimpse of its rare amazingness. :)

Anywho, back to Thanksgiving break. My whole family was able to come out for Thanksgiving this year! It was really fun because I haven't had to the chance to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them since I have been in college. We all got together at Aunt Pam's house in Alpine for a fabulous dinner! It was fun to see all of my siblings and sisters in law, and of course my nephews!

Grandma with Weston

Bradley and I with our hott 'matching' plaid shirts, haha; and of course, Brad and his 'signature' smile, if you will.

Me and Ashton just playing around after dinner!

Me and Westie bear, the cutest little tot ever! Maybe I am biased, but my nephews are the CUTEST little boys on the planet! Thank goodness Tommy married Shayna to bring in the good genes :)

Then, of course, we were all excited for the huge game, BYU vs. UTAH!!! Before the big game, we got to eat lunch in the Varsity Club since Papa Bell was such a football stud back in the day :). Then, we got to go to the Cougar Club and listen to Dad give a quick speech about his reign as a Coug football captain and the awesomeness that BYU is. It was so fun, and we took a pic in front of the podium.

For the game, Bradley and I were quite comfortable on our second row, forty yard line seats. Good thing the cougs defeated the utes!! It was a great game, and of course we rushed the field at the end! GO COUGS, especially #58 :)

All in all, it was a fun but exhausting vacation. I wouldn't have changed it a bit though, expect to have made it longer so we could be with everyone more. Now I can't wait for these next two weeks of school to be over so we can party with the Jurgensmeiers for Christmas!


ej said...

Whoa, nice long post Mars. Well done :) I'm glad you had such a great break, it looked like fun. The pics of you with the boys are super cute, they are growing so fast! The game looked really cool too and neat that you got to bask in a little of your father's football glory, gotta take the perks when they come!

Rosemary said...

loved your take on the thanksgiving break! love you guys

Karee said...

wow! no wonder its hard to get back into school mode after all that fun! im glad i got to "crash" your thanksgiving party. i love the bells :)

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Your nephew is sooo cute. Elise's wedding looks beautiful, I'm sure it was amazing. I didn't know your dad was a team captain either! Sweet. Thanks for the enjoyable post. Jayce and I are at the library and I'm glad that you gave me another excuse to not study.