Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Offended!!

Yesterday in my Elang class, someone was trying their VERY HARDEST to make me upset. So here is the story...

Everyday in class, we have a presentation on a word or phrase that is commonly misused in the English language. Yesterday, the controversy was between the two phrases "reason is beacause" and "reason is that". According to the rule, "reason is because" is redundant, as the word because means "for the reason that". ANYWHO, we still use this term all the time in everyday speech, and the guy who was giving the presentation decided to give an example of how we would use it today

"For example, the reason that people don't go to Women's basketball games at BYU is because it is extremely boring. And, I know this first hand because my roommate went and said it was boring."

WHAT THE HECK??? I could not believe this garbage came out of this child's mouth. Number 1, you do NOT have first hand knowledge because your roommate went. First hand knowledge comes from your experience. Secondly, why would you openly disgrace a part of the athletic institution at your own dang school? I mean, I might not be on the best terms with the whole coaching staff, but I don't going around dissing the team right and left! i mean, come on, they are second in the conference. It just irks me. Womens basketball is a different sport than mens. Yea, it might not be extremely fast paced with people dunking right and left, but it still takes extreme technique, athleticism and hard work. And I bet you I could take that loser kid in a game of basketball any day.

I was just fuming that he chose to be rude in an in class presentation. Fine, you can have your own ideas about what sports you like, but don't just diss it in front of a huge class. Grrr. He is probably just a pansy boy anyway. I bet that a lot of the girls on the basketball team could hang with the guys on the mens team. But what do I know, I have just been playing basketball for 14 years of my life...

And especially during the Olympics! Just because womens sports are a little different does NOT make them less important or less intense. You are just choosing to be offensive and sexist. We should support all the female atheletes, especially those who can compete at such high levels of athleticism. Go ballers!

Monday, February 8, 2010

7 Months of Marriage :)

Ohhh what a husband I have :) I came home from class today to these on the table...

This in the oven...

and this hunk waiting to take care of and serve me! What a wonderful husband I have!
What a surprise for our seven month "anniversary" :). It was a delicious dinner of Mint chicken, baked potatoes and Caesar salad. I sure am a lucky one! I love being a Jurgensmeier and hanging out with this guy everyday :)