Saturday, November 10, 2007

Family Metaphor

So for my introduction to family processes class i had to come up with a metaphor to describe my family. i could not use any photos to depict them, just think of ways that they could be represented in an abstract sense. it took me forever to think of something, but this is my final product. What do ya think?

The first one is the whole thing, while the second and third are side views. So can you figure it out? is this like my family? lol

I think the best parts are the football and basketball paper! Sweet



That is an awesome project. Great job! I like the basketball and football paper also-too cute :)

ej said...

lol- this is such a ridiculously accurate depiction of your fam! I would never have thought I would love a sporty fam as much as I do you guys :) You will totally get an A+ :)