Monday, December 10, 2007

It's the White Elephant time of year!

To start, i just thought that this was funny. My friends and i describe it as "Me in my Element" Fuzzy socks, basketball shorts and ramen noodles. thats how i show up to everything these days :)

So our floor decided to do a white elephant gift exchange in place of our sunday floor meeting. as you can probably guess, most everyone forgot. Furthermore, it being sunday, no one could dash to the dollar store to get a quick funny gift. So things were pretty interesting! We started off with some games. The first was someone would put a poster picture around their head and have twenty questions to guess what they were! my friend stephanie was the statue of liberty...she asked if she was a political figure and we figured technically yes. so of course she would get a disgusted look on her face and ask, AM I HILLARY CLINTON??? hahaha it was great!

Next, i of course decide to volunteer. Low and behold, i get the best face of them all...a toilet seat! Its what i get for being an active participant..

One of the best gifts was the real white elephant made out of paper towels and toilet paper! Man i wish i was creative...

I can't be modest here. I have to be truthful and say that my gift got the most laughs out of the whole night. I was in a rush to get something to wrap. What else could be funnier than a tampon wrapped in a big box? Man im good.

Here is our group for the White Elephant! They are most of the girls from my floor, probably only two outsiders. Our floor is bomb!

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ej said...

Okay, the tampon in a big box is hilarious. Ahh, that's good stuff.