Monday, April 14, 2014


Sooo...we got a dog.

Old news I know. I haven't been updating lately because I mainly use my phone as a camera and for some reason my computer won't recognize my phone when I plug it in. Weird. So yea, we got a dog! Her name is Bellatrix, but we pretty much call her Bella, Bella Bear, Bells, etc. She is a sweet girl. She is a pomeranian husky mix, but I am pretty sure she is mostly husky! She keeps growing bigger and bigger. We got her when she was only 5 pounds. We had to carry her up and down our apartment stairs because she was so small, but now she races up and down them like it's no big deal.

Puppy Bella

What a cute little fluff ball! I can't believe how little she was. She has grown so much! We have loved having her in our lives. It was been hard getting used to taking care of her with all the stair running with potty breaks and coming home to feed her, but it is now just part of the routine. She is such a great addition to the family.
 This was when her ears were just starting to perk up! Now she has HUGE bat-dog ears.

 Bella's first bath! Let's just say, she was not impressed. Look at her sad face! Poor girl haha.

 Bella often likes to sleep upside down, especially in her kennel at work. Yes, I said at WORK! We are allowed to bring our dogs to with office, which either makes for fun or crazy times. Depends on the day.

The start of the bat dog ears! Notice she is almost a white-ish gray in this pic. She has definitely changed colors!

Speaking of work, Bella's best friend is another dog at work named Maggie. She is a Great Pyrennees/Saint Bernard mix I believe. Basically, she is a BIG dog. They are definitely opposites, but they sure do love each other! They play, take naps, and beg for treats together. What more could you want from a best friend??

Bella also loves taking naps with Bradley. They are the cutest pair!

 We love our Bella girl! 

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ej said...

She is so cute! I can't believe how little she was and how big she got. What a beautiful girl!