Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Old to New

Brad and I FINALLY moved into our new apartment last week (yay!) and we are just starting to get settled in. Moving is such a drag! We have moved so many times in the past year that it feels so good to finally be settled down! We are still unpacking some things, trying to figure our storage space for all of our clothes and shoes, AND still figuring out what we got rid of in Florida that we need to replace! It's been a bit stressful, but hopefully we can figure it out soon.

One thing that we did do is revamp some old furniture! It was really fun/REALLY STRESSFUL to redo these pieces and make them our own. I got some inspiration from pinterest and a cool blog called Better After, and I am really happy with the way they turned out!

We first bought a highboy and a dresser from this guy on craigslist. Turned out that he buys old furniture and redoes pieces all the time, so he gave us a bunch of helpful hints. For anyone who is thinking of redoing furniture, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is your best friend! It is not like the paint you buy that is like a is just this really cool paint that is a thicker, chalkier consistency that requires NO sanding and NO primer! It really made our lives so much easier. It is a bit spendy, but a small container goes a really long way. We painted both the highboy and dresser in Aubusson blue, and we still have about half of the can left!

We did have to buy some wood putty for these pieces because they were really old and had some damage, so we did have to sand down those little parts. But sanding a few places versus sanding the whole thing is a HUGE difference. So, what do you think?

Dresser Before

Dresser After!
We decided to use the dresser as a TV stand. It is the perfect length for our living room and it has great storage space! We love how it turned out. I forgot to get a before picture of the handles, but they were pretty rusty. I used this awesome product called Rub n Buff, and it basically is a gold paint for metal. There are a few different colors, and it's really easy to use. They are nice a shiny now!

Highboy Before: (sorry, I didn't get a picture of the Highboy, but it was the same color and style as the dresser. Here is a picture of the drawer!)

Highboy After!!

Side note: The guy who sold us these pieces also had these amazing milk glass lamps that he was getting rid of too. I love milk glass because Grandma Teresa has an awesome collection of it at the farm! I just bought a more modern shade for the two of them. The other one is on my vanity!

While the dresser and highboy were a pretty simple job, our dining room table was a NIGHTMARE. We weren't sure that we wanted to use chalk paint on the top because it's not as glossy as other paint. Our first THREE attempts were different kinds of grey stain that we thought would look nice. WRONG. The stain never spread right and the color was always off. We seriously tried so many times! We ended up using a high gloss paint for the legs and chalk paint for the top. We are still figuring out what kind of cover to put on the top (chalk paint uses a soft wax on top, but its not very shiny), but the table looks really nice! We did the chairs in the same way.

Table/Chairs BEFORE: (pictured with leaf and also in our old apartment)

Table/Chairs AFTER:

I think they turned out really nice, but they are kinda bland right now with the colors of our room. I am planning on getting some brightly colored placemats/table runner to brighten up the space.

The last picture I wanted to share is our awesome new bed! We didn't do anything to revamp it...we bought the bed and comforter from Costco and our sweet headboard on Craigslist. But I think they are both so beautiful! Yay for Craigslist and cheap deals!

So that is what we have been up to for the past while! I will post more pictures of our apartment once we finish getting all of our furniture and putting up our pictures! 


Lyssa said...

Love it! You guys are so talented! Can't wait to see toy this weekend.

Rosemary said...

Super nice! I love the pieces. I really think the blues whites and grays are going to be nice together! Love them.

Peter and Jen Bell said...

Those look so good. Come to my house, I have projects for you:)

Laura said...

Mason and I have a very similar comforter--but it's a duvet cover from Target. Great job, Marianne! I love the gray on your table-top.

Nicole and Erik said...

I have some Annie sloan projects in the works. . . what color white is your table and chairs?

Marianne and Brad said...

Nicole- I actually didn't use chalk paint for the white parts. That is just a high gloss paint from Home Depot. We used French Linen for the table and chair tops though!

Karee J Green said...

Ok you're way too cool! I love it all! The colors are so great, I bet your place looks awesome!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Daaaang gurl. I'm going to have to remember this post when I start revamping stuff next time we move!

Kathy Bell said...

Everything looks so great! And even better because you did it yourself and i'm sure saved to much! Way to use your talents.