Saturday, April 13, 2013

Triplet Time!

Brad and I were lucky enough to spend time with Jen, Peter, and the triplets for the triplets' first birthday! They just happened to be going to California the same week that I had spring break from school, so Brad and I drove down from Idaho for the week. We had such a great time playing with the babies, going to the beach, enjoying good food, and enjoying the good company. Thanks for letting us crash your vacation Jen and Pete!

We got to go with the triplets for their first time at the beach! We had fun just playing in the sand and laughing. Tay tay made this funny scrunched up face EVERY TIME we went to the beach, so we labeled it 'Beach Face.' What a funny girl!

Taylor Kay's infamous "Beach Face!" She was so fun to play with!

What a sweet girl in her super cute suit and hat!

 Cruz and Carder's first time in the sand! What fun!

OK, so I have to go on a little bragging rant about Mamma/Grandmamma Bell. She threw an AMAZING first birthday party for the triplets! We had a Dr. Suess theme, and she went all out. She made cute cat in the hat cake pops (seen below), "Green Eggs and Ham" pretzel and M&M sticks, and all the other red, yellow, and blue sweets and decorations you can think of! We also had some really good dips, breads, and various lunch foods in the kitchen as well. We all had such a fun time, and I know she felt so good that she could do this for some of her grandkids. She loves all her grandkids so much! I am excited for her to spoil our kids one day too :)

Awesome setup! Everything was so good!
 All about the triplets first year (written by Jen) and a Mini cake for each of them!

 Happy Birthday Tay Tay, Carder Boy, and Cuz Cuz! We love you!
 Opening gifts! What fun!

 Carder annihilated his cake!
 Yay for cake!
 I am in heaven with these three babies!

 Cool Cruz and his glasses!
 We can just pretend that Carder is laughing and enjoying himself in this picture :)
 Cute shades Tay!
Tay Tay was sooo funny to watch in the water. She LOVED the ocean! Every time you put her down, she was start crawl-racing towards the water. When the waves would come in and hit her, she would just laugh and smile. Then, when they went out, she would hold her ground in the sand until she could start crawling towards the water again. She was fearless! We had to keep a close eye on that one :)
 Mommy, Daddy, and Sister
 Cruz enjoyed the sand too!

One of our favorite families. We love you guys and miss you already!
 Brad and I had an amazing spring break with everyone it was fun seeing how much the babies have grown and also spending time together at the beach. We were also able to stop in Provo on our way home and spend our Easter Sunday with the family. We played games and stayed with night with Josh and Karee on Saturday night, then got up on Sunday and made our way to Provo to hear Kata sing and church. Kim and Andrew met us and I couldn't help but get a cute Bell sisters Easter Pic!

After church Kim had to leave, but Kata, Brad, and I got together for and Easter Sunday meal at Kata's apartment. Bryce even came and ate with us! We had a fun time just catching up and hanging out with our siblings. Love you guys!

All in all, it was an amazing trip. Coming back to reality was hard! However, our lives are about to change drastically. Brad and I are moving to COLUMBUS, OHIO, in TWO WEEKS!! Ahh! I can't believe it. We are fitting in a quick trip to Boise before we go, but it's just so soon! After that we are basically vacationing for the whole month of May (tough life, we know). We are excited for our new adventures. We are also so excited that Brad's brother Darin and his was Linsy and their kids are moving to Cincinnati next year so we will only be an hour away! Fun times.


ej said...

I was so happy to see a post, yay! The party decor was amazing! I'm so glad you all made the effort to be together, it makes the celebrating that much sweeter. Taylor's beach face cracked me up, lol! Basically I loved all of the pics :) especially the one of you three girls.
Good luck with your move!
Please post about your fun May!!!

Rosemary said...

Fun post Mars! I enjoyed your comments and pictures! It was a fun week together and I'm so glad that you were able to be with Kim and Kata some too. Thanks for making the effort to "gather". I'm jealous of your "vacation" month in May!