Thursday, September 11, 2014

Harry Potter Shower

A long overdue update, but an update we shall have! A few weeks ago Brad and I had a wonderful vacation spanning Arizona, California, and Utah. We already wish we could go back! One of the definite HIGHLIGHTS of the trip was the amazing Harry Potter-themed baby shower my Jurgensmeier Family threw me! It was a complete surprise and it was so so cute! They put so much time and effort into it, and the details were all amazing. Thank you so much Karen, Karee, Alyssa, and Dawn! You guys are amazing and we had so much fun at the party! Baby girl is so loved!

My invite arrived via owl of course :)

Karee made me some SERIOUSLY cute Harry Potter onesies AND made all the wands for everyone!

  Cute owl cupcakes and chocolate frogs!

Broomsticks and "Hufflepuffs" :)

The table looked so cute with fog and floating candles!

 Surprise to me as I entered Diagon Alley!

 EXTRA surprise and shock because I had no idea Momma Bell would be there, or even that she was in Phoenix. The tricksters!  I definitely burst into happy tears. 

We had a great "photo booth" and had fun taking several different Wizard pics!


 Playing games and laughing with the fam :)

We scored some sweet presents from our lovely family members! Also, please ignore my sweaty face and overall non-cuteness. I was under the impression that we were just going to the pool that day! :)

Also, Happy (Belated) 21st to Kevin! Thanks family for throwing such a fun party! The Harry Potter theme was seriously THE BEST; you really know me so well. :) I love you all!
More posts about our trip to come!


ej said...

It looks like it was so much fun! I loved all of the attention to detail, so so so cute! What a great shower!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

That's darling, I LOVE IT ALL!

Rosemary said...

Well done! Fun times!