Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeff and Kathy: Happily Ever After

Well, the family had a great time at Jeff and Kathy's wedding! Although it was too short of a trip, we definitely had some fun just hanging out with the family and enjoying the California sun. Kathy looked gorgeous in her dress, and Jeff couldn't help but smile all day. It was really amazing to be able to be in the temple when they got married. Grandpa Bell did an amazing job with the sealing! Who knew I would be able to see my older brother get married?? Lucky me! We all had a great time. I miss everyone already.

Me and Grandpa Bell waiting outside of the San Diego Temple

The Newlyweds! They both looked amazing :)

Me and my big brother Jeffy :) Now four Bell kids are married! Four down, two to go, haha.

Brad and I enjoyed a fun swing at the reception

Cutting the cake! I think that Jen said it best when she said that the reception was very "quaint". I loved all of the little decor and the coloring. You did a great job Kathy and the West family!

The rest of the time was spent hanging out with the funniest and cutest guys I have ever met: Ashton and Weston. We had a great time playing with them in the hotel room after the reception. Thanks Tommy and Shayna for partying with us all night! It was a blast!

Weston was showing off his skills of fitting into the mini fridge.
He had us laughing all night!

Weston also makes the best CHEESE faces. I think that these two pictures can attest to that!
Oh Westie Bear, what a hoot!

Ashton and Weston just having fun with their favorite Aunt! (Me of course!)
I was also lucky enough to get to sit by Ashton at In-N-Out. We had so much fun this weekend! We can't wait to come visit you guys again soon. And congrats again to Kathy and Jeff!


Rosemary said...

These are some great pics Mars! I love your comments and yes it was a fun weekend. I just got home and Grandpa Jack and Grandma Teresa too.

ej said...

So, so fun. Beautiful wedding pics and I have to say Weston's cheese face is still cracking me up from when I first saw it. Too cute! Jealous you ate at in and out!

Rosemary said...

Weston's smile is so precious!