Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life in Provo

Well guys, life around here has been pretty ho-hum lately. I have been in a crazy amount of school for the past six weeks, but it is all coming to an end. However, there is some good news in the Jurgensmeier Household. Read on for me...

#1- I was given a piece of the REAL Marriott Center floor! I guess they are re-doing the floor this year, so they took out all of the old wood and decided to give a piece to every basketball player that played on the floor. My name is engraved on it along with the years I played with the team. It actually turned out pretty cool. Coolest part, my mom got a piece too. :) Like mother like daughter!!

The latter two pictures are of the box my piece of the floor came in. Pretty cool huh?

#2 I GOT A JOB!!! yes, this is very exciting. I have been looking for a job for quite some time, and it has been REALLY HARD. However, I finally had a breakthrough this week. I applied for a job as a student editor in the David O. McKay School of Education. I had my interview THIS MORNING, and it went AWESOME. I truly left the interview feeling like they loved me, and I have never been that confident in an interview before. Anywho, they told me they would let me know within the next few days. However, they called me THIS AFTERNOON AT 4:30. Yea, my interview was at 10:30 this morning!! How cool is that?? So I will be an assistant editor, and I will be helping them edit dissertations and theses from graduate students in the school of education. WOW!! It is not a very heavy hour job, but I can keep it throughout the school year and it will definitely help give me experience in the field I want to join! I am so excited!!

#3- Brad and I have a new apartment!!....almost. We are still waiting on the 100% ok, but we are ready to move from our first nest and get to a place with a WASHER AND DRYER!! OH THE LUXURY!!! haha.

So that is what's going on with us! Almost one year of marriage down, and things are looking up. Brad is getting ready to take the DAT on July 13, and we are both looking forward to the reunion coming up. Yay!


The Crowley's said...

we are excited to see you guys in a few weeks!

LINSY said...

cool -love the floor piece. and nice job scoring your job! who wouldn't love Marianne?

Lyssa said...

Your floor piece turned out very cool! Joshy misses you guys (and so do we :) Good luck with your new job and brad with his upcoming test.

Rosemary said...

I love your posting and all the great news. . . but hey Brad can you give us a break on that look! :-) And yes I love my piece of the floor as well :-)

ej said...

The floor thing is SO cool! And that both you and Rosie have it is neat too. It'll come in super handy someday when you need to spank your children.... I jest, I jest.
Congrats on the job!!! Times are tough and finding a job in Provo could not be all that easy, you must have killed it in the interview.
Washer and dryer = a whole new awesome world :)