Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bryce's Birthday, Conference and Easter

Well, it has been a long time since I have taken the time to make a post. A lot of things have been going on around here lately! School is definitely coming down to the wire, and after I write this post I have to go to campus to work on a project for four hours, bleh. But anywho, let us talk about the fun stuff!!

March 30 was my brother-in-law Bryce's 22 birthday. We all had a busy day, but Brad and I and Karee and Josh took the time to make Bryce some brownies, get some ice cream and sing happy birthday. It was nice to just hang out with the Jurgensmeier's for the evening. :) (and yes Karee, I just got the squiggly red line under Jurgensmeier, but surprisingly, not under Karee. Interesting!)

Bryce Blowing out his "candles". It's ok, because the brownies and ice cream still look delish!! I also took sole responsibility in singing Happy Birthday in Indonesian to Bryce, a Bell Family tradition. :) Sadly, Brad says he still doesn't "know the words", but one day I will have taught it all to him.

A good thing to do while at birthday parties is help each other with homework. Well, at least that is what Karee and Brad like to do. I guess that is what takes the place of dancing in their lives??? ;) Don't worry, one day we will turn them into dancing machines.

And then came Easter! We woke up to a delicious Easter Basket, and Brad got me some beautiful spring flowers and some of my favorite chocolates! It was a nice treat to have while watching conference together!

Somehow, we g
ot lucky enough to get tickets to the Sunday Afternoon session of Conference in Salt Lake! I had never been before, so I was really excited to finally have the experience. Brad and I got there early, so we got some pretty nice seats!

All in a
ll, it was a really nice weekend. Now back to the grind of finishing school, and off to campus to work all day in the Mac Lab! Ahh!! I am excited to see a lot of family in a few weeks at Jeff and Kathy's Wedding, it's gonna be so fun!


Rosemary said...

I love brownies and ice cream. Why didn't you invite me I would have helped you sing :) Loved your Easter basket yummy! Cute photo of you are Brad. You both are so LOVELY!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Cute Easter basket gir! That's exciting/fun that all of your family is getting together soon for another wedding. I love weddings. :)