Monday, June 6, 2011

Sea Change

I feel like all of these crazy changes are starting to happen, and I really can't keep up with all of them on my blog! One of by best friends had a baby while the other one got married (all in the same week!!). Once I get a new computer (fingers crossed), it should be easier. Anywho, here is the long update you have all been long-awaiting!

The birth of Cameron Lee Porter

On May 23, 2011, baby Cameron Lee Porter came into the world! Brad and I were able to go to the hospital to see Sarah and Jayce and meet Cameron for the first time the next day! It was really a wonderful experience, and I know Sarah is going to be an amazing mom. She is so cute with him already. About a month back I threw a baby shower for Sarah with a blue and yellow duck theme. We had a great time! So here are some pics from the shower and some pics of Cameron!

Such a cute baby! Congrats to the Porters!

The Marriage of Pete and Dani Janzen!

Brad and I were lucky enough to travel down to Gilbert/Mesa, Arizona this past weekend to watch Pete and Dani tie the knot! It was such an amazing experience, and I felt so lucky to be able to see one of my best friends get married in the temple. Pete is surely smitten with Dani! Congrats to both of you guys, we love you!Coming out of the temple!

Pete and Sis. J. Love them!

The cute couple dancing the night away!


Align LeftThe Janzen Clan! Yay!

Along with the wedding, Brad and I were able to visit Eric and Dawn (brother and sis-in-law) for a little while down in Gilbert. We had a great time getting to know them better and playing with Elizabeth! Hopefully we can go down again sometime soon. (Since we have a key to their house and all... :)

After our jaunt in Arizona ended, Brad and I decided to stop in Vegas on the way home, go to a show and stay there for the night. We had a good time seeing the show Matsuri (especially since the tickets were only $11.00!!) and just walking around Vegas seeing the sights. We had a great trip!Us with a member of the Matsuri show.

Enjoying a delicious crepe in Paris! (the paris of Las Vegas of course)

Fountain show at the Bellagio

We have had a crazy few months and weeks, but things are going great! Brad and I decided to move to Rupert for the rest of summer before we start school again (either in San Fran or Florida) so our next update will be from there!

Marianne and Brad


Dawn Jurgensmeier said...

Keep that key- and come visit anytime! :-D

Condie Family said...

Wow you guys have been busy! Are you moving to Rupert for the Summer? If so, let's get together soon!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Love the post, can't wait for you to go experience it as well :-)