Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just so you know...

So Brad and I decided that we are moving to good ol' Rupert, Idaho for the rest of the summer. Since we are starting graduate school in the fall and I have yet to find a job we thought it would be a good idea and save some money and spend some time in Rupert (and obviously come visit everyone in Boise!! Who wants to let us stay with them?? :).

For graduate school we are trying to decide between two post-bacc programs that will hopefully help Brad get into dental school. They are both one year long and are geared toward pre-med and pre-dental students. One school is San Francisco State University, located in the heart of San Francisco. (cool, huh?). This would be an awesome place to live, close to family and such, but would only offer a health certificate at the end.

The other school is called Barry University and is located in North Miami, Florida. All the way across the country! Obviously Florida would be a cool place to live for a year or two, plus Brad would receive a Masters in Biomedical Science upon graduation after a year. However, we would be very far away from a lot of family!

We are praying and talking and trying to make the right decision, but either way I know it will be great. What do you guys think, Miami or San Fran???


Jeff Bell said...

Well this is exciting! A lot of big decisions. A few things I would ask is which school will make you better qualified for a dental school, which school has more connections to dental schools and which state is better to have residency in to apply to more and better dental schools. Just my $.02

LINSY said...

oooo, both cool choices! can't wait to hear where you end up. since we were just in florida, i have to say - its pretty nice there. but location is only secondary - go with the one you feel will help most for your goals. :)

Callie Manion said...

SAN FRAN!!!! And that is so exciting! You're moving for the summer, and then moving for the fall! Also, being an editor in Utah = NO jobs, am I right?!