Monday, March 28, 2011

Life Update #1

I have been really, really bad about keeping up with my blog. My computer has been on the fritz for some time now and I lost the cord to plug my camera into other computers (my computer has a slot for the SD card, so that is usually what I did). So I decided that every time I feel like being lazy and taking a break from my crazy studying/paper writing that will be going on for the next three weeks, I will update a group of old pictures to my blog. So here goes!!

Visit with Alyssa, Josh, and Logan Jurgensmeier

A few months back we were lucky enough to take a drive up to Bountiful with the Provo Jurgensmeier's to hang out with our SIL Alyssa and our two nephews, Josh and Logan. It was the first time all of us got to meet Logan, and it was so much fun! He is definitely a cutie.

Me and Logan just hanging out and having a good time snuggling on the couch!

I thought it was so cute/funny that I caught pics of both Brad and Bryce holding Logan and all of them making the same faces. They all sure look like Jurgensmeiers to me!

We can't forget all the fun we had with Josh(y) (and Josh as well :). He is getting older now and is really good at remembering all of our names. He is such a fun kid and we really like hanging out with him whenever we get the chance!

Alyssa, you have to come and visit again soon! Next time you can bring Cory as well :) And we have to get a picture with the whole group, I am not sure how we didn't make that happen...

Anyways that is our first update. Life has been so crazy lately that blogging is not my #1 priority, but I definitely keep up with everyone else's blogs! Also, anyway who wants to come visit us, we have an extra bedroom waiting for any friends who want to stop by! Keep posting!

Marianne and Brad

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Lyssa said...

We had so much fun visiting with you guys! I wish we could see you all more often. You could still come to Florida :)