Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So a lot of basketball has been going on lately. Bradley and I have gotten pretty into the whole NCAA March Madness thing this year, especially since Jimmer is POY candidate! It has been a lot of fun watching in person BYU be so successful this year, even with our ups and downs. We have also loved watching "Kimmer" do work in the Great West Conference. She is doing awesome her freshman year, and it is so fun to go to the games with the family. We love basketball!

However, we can't forgot the little people. Tonight I had one of my first intramural games in three weeks. My team was ranked #1 so we had a bye in the beginning of the tourny, and MAN, were we not ready to play tonight! We could not hit a shot to save our lives; however, the worst part was that the other team was just complaining the whole time. I was getting torn to shreds every time I touched the ball. Luckily the ref was calling (some) fouls, but the people guarding me would complain every single time the whistle blew! I mean, I understand that sometimes calls are controversial. But when you make a player bleed and her eyes are bright red and watering because you smacked her in the face, I think you need to just own up to it. It just amazes me how different basketball gets during tournament time!! I think I need to actually start working out more so I can get some of that muscle back in my legs, ha. We pulled out a tough win, but we have to bring our A game from now own. Bring it on ladies! And, LETS GO COUGS!!!

Sorry I have been so lame about my blog...I actually have a lot of pictures and posts that I want to do, but school has been so ridiculously busy I don't even know what to do with myself. I actually sat in the same room on campus today for six hours...I didn't realize it until someone asked if it was cold and I had no idea what the weather was even like that day. I NEED to get out more, ha. Only one month left!!

Love, Marianne


Rosemary said...

Glad you won! Sorry it was so crazy. . . it seems March Madness is in full swing! It was fun being in town with everyone. Study hard 1 MORE MONTH!

ej said...

I think you need Peter to come and yell at everyone from the stands if they are beating on you so bad. Scratches? Getting smacked in the face? Clearly not okay!
But glad you won anyway :)