Saturday, December 4, 2010

Morning with the Nephews

Well we haven't posted in a long time, but we have done a lot of fun things since school started. One of the first things was hanging out with our nephews, Ashton and Weston. Tommy and Shayna came up to Utah for the weekend, and Brad and I had the pleasure of baby-sitting Ashton and Weston one Saturday morning

First off, all of the boys had a great time wrestling and playing. They love their Uncle Brad!

Next we had some fun at the playground in front of our apartment complex. We were swinging on the car swing (perfect for the boys!) and also had fun playing wiffle ball. Ashton and Weston sure do love the park!

Then Ashton and Brad spent some time racing on MarioKart Wii while Westy and I ate some snacks and played with the beloved bouncy ball. We had so much fun. Thanks for coming to visit Tommy Shayna, come again soon! We love you guys!

Marianne and Brad

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Bell Family said...

Thanks for watching them. They had fun! Come visit us here and the boys will take you to our pool! xoxo