Saturday, January 16, 2010

Olympic Trials in Deer Valley

This weekend was definitely awesome!! Karee and Josh and invited me, Brad, Bryce and Bryce's friend to come up to Deer Valley to see some Olympic Trial Events. Deer Valley is so pretty! It is basically the same area as Park City. It would definitely be sweet to have a condo there! Anywho, we watched some Olympic Freestyle Aerial Events. The event we watched was actually a qualifier for the Olympic games. There were 12 girls and 12 guys, and the top three from each group won money and plaques and also a spot on their respective countries' Olympic Teams. It was really fun, and really cold!!

Brad and I in front of the Aerial Event before it started. We had to trudge up a huge mountain to get there! It was crazy, but definitely fun to slide down at the end!

Before the event, they had skiers trudge down the slope to prep it for landing. They also spread pine needles across the landing area so the fliers could spot their landing from sixty feet in the air! It was so high!
Karee and Josh enjoying the view as well :)

This was after the event, but we had so much fun! There was music and fireworks after. Josh and I were trying to teach Karee and Brad to dance, with no avail.

This is the Mogul Slope. It was right next to the aerial slope. On this, skiers bump up and down on the large bumps in the snow. We didn't get to watch this, but the slope was cool to see!

Of course, I couldn't leave without taking some AWESOME videos of the skiers as they jumped. The ones with the yellow bibs are ranked #1 in the world, men and womens. The girl who was actually wasn't #1, which was pretty cool. The #1 girl was from China, and I don't remember the guy. He did win though. Enjoy the videos! It will almost seem like you were there :)

The video above is the best aerialist in the World! She is from China, and she flew just as high as the men! It was ridiculous!

Pretty sweet huh? I don't know how you get into this sport, but its pretty awesome! Man, i wish i went to BYU during the Salt Lake Olympics!


Karee said...

wow! you're quick! that was a lot of fun, we should go next weekend too!

ej said...

Guess what sport my children are officially not allowed to participate in? Um, aerial ski jumping. Hello, that was insanely high! It must have been really cool to get to watch that in person though. Fun date night.
Nathan and I moved from Provo one month before the 2000 Olympics. I was/am bitter.

Rosemary said...

Pretty scary if you ask me. But pretty cool to watch as long as you do know the ones doing it :) Fun times. Glad you got to see it.

Rosemary said...

I mean don't know the ones do it . . .

LINSY said...

oooo - looks so fun!