Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh the Christmas Holiday

This year, Christmas was a bit different for me. Bradley and I went to his family's house up in Rupert, Idaho. I must admit, I was a little sad to not be spending any time with my family, and also sad that I wouldn't be visiting Virginia at all. But Brad's family definitely made me feel welcome, and we had a really fun break.

Before break started, however, life was pretty hectic! We had a week full of finals, studying, and tying up all loose ends. I had a heck of a time trying to get all my studying in...just look at all of the notecards I made!!

I was definitely super excited when my last final was over, even though it was at 7:00 IN THE MORNING!!! That definitely made it more tough. However, finishing finals made the excitement for break that much bigger!

Right before Christmas Break, Brad and I even found time to have a small Christmas party with our friends at our apartment. We had a few treats, a few Christmas decorations, and a few good friends to celebrate. Even in busy times, Brad and I find time to party and have good times with friends!

Brad playing the Wii with Karee and Josh.

Our very first Christmas Tree! It is snowflake themed! Thanks Mamma Bell :)

Some nice decorations from Target; you can't go wrong with decor from Target! Erin will back me up on this :)

Some of the yummy Christmas treats!

Haha I had to add this picture of Bradley. This was after Sunday dinner with Jeff and Kathy. Brad is doing a rather awesome impression of a monkey with symbols! DANCE MONKEY DANCE! (Zoolander)

After we had our party and our finals, Brad and I spent good quality time with his family in Rupert. We had fun playing Hand and Foot, Dominos and a million other card games! We also saw Avatar in 3D! It was AWESOME! I was actually thinking that the movie was really stupid looking, but I was definitely proven wrong. We also had fun times playing basketball and stuff with the family. Kevin even shattered the backboard!! I have a picture of it, but for some reason its not working so I will try to add it later. I had fun getting to know Brad's older siblings a little better, and also playing with our nephews and playing in the snow. Here are some pics. Enjoy :)

Alyssa, Cory and Joshy on Christmas :)
Tate and Beau opening presents!

The Montgomery cousins visiting Grandpa at the hospital on Christmas Eve

Brad and our newest nephew, Baby Beau!

Kevin and Joshy taking a nap

Finally, Brad, Kevin and I had some fun playing in the snow on New Years Day. It was sad to leave Rupert and go back to school, but we are excited that Bradley is graduating this semester!

This is the same field that was a beautiful green color where we took pictures for our wedding. What a special day we will never forget, and I love Bradley even more after six whole months!

Happy New Year to all! :)


ej said...

You know I'll back anything Target! I loved the decorations. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas together, and yay for 6 months!!! Love the monkey pic and the movie ref. lol.

LINSY said...

cute picts! we loved seeing you guys over christmas break! Thanks for being so much fun for the kiddies! hope all is well in provo!

Rosemary said...

Great Christmas Post! We missed having you and everyone else as well. But sure enjoyed Thanksgiving and other times in Provo. We love you guys and glad to see that you had a very nice Christmas Holiday and break from school. Loved the pic of throwing the study cards in the air and Brad holding you in the snowy grain field :) Good times.

Rosemary said...

Oh, and I LOVE your background on your blog! Cute very cute!