Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hayden's Blessing Day

We were able to give our beautiful baby girl a name and a blessing on March 1, 2015. We were so lucky some family in town to celebrate, including my parents, Brad's parents, Karee and Ellie, and of course Darin, Linsy, Tate, Beau, and Vivie who drove up from Cincy. Mom and Aunt Charlotte made Hayden a BEAUTIFUL blessing dress. Karen also kept the blanket Brad used on his blessing day, so Hayden is laying on it in her pictures. It's so special! She is so lucky to have such talented and kind family members who love her so much!

Our eternal family. 

What a beautiful baby! I can't get enough. 

 It was such a pretty day with the snow falling, so of course we had to get some dreamy snow pictures with Hayden in her blessing dress.

 Our cold Ohio home!

  I love this one with her tongue sticking out. I think she was trying to eat the snow?? Haha.

Hayden with Grandma and Grandpa Jurgensmeier!

Again with Grandma and Grandpa Bell!

 The SILs and Hayden with her girl cousins that could come, Ellie and Vivie! (And Baby Girl Green #2 coming soon!!) Side note--I had no idea that Karee and Ellie were flying out from Utah with Karen and Dee. They decided to surprise me! BEST SURPRISE EVER!!

Our family that traveled in, snow and all, for Hayden's special day!

Brad and I are so blessed to have Hayden Jayne in our lives. She is the sweetest little girl! She is starting to talk and laugh and giggle on a daily basis. She especially loves mornings, which is so unlike both of her parents! She is starting to reach for toys and is drooling ALL OVER the place. She is a champion drooler. Maybe she is getting a tooth soon??? Who knows! All we know for sure is that she is the perfect little peach and we love her so so much! Thanks to all of our family and friends who shared her special day with us!

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Lyssa said...

I can't wait to meet her, she is the cutest! She's so lucky to have you and Brad. Best parents!