Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Katie's Visit

Before our cross-country trip, we were lucky enough to have Katie come out for a visit. Although it was a short trip, we filled it with tons of fun!! We drove down to Key Largo for one last snorkeling trip, and it was a gorgeous day! The water was warm, the sun was bright, and we saw tons of cool fish! We even saw a sea turtle while driving out!

Sisters on the catamaran heading out to sea!

SO excited to get out there! It was really cool because we drove the boat about eight miles out, but the water was still really shallow and super clear! The only difficult part was the fact that we waves were pretty big (for Florida) because the hurricane was on its way. It made snorkeling a bit of a workout! :)

Katie and Brad out in the water! 

Getting back into the catamaran. Not too easy at all!

The next morning, we were lucky enough to have some time with Katie before her afternoon flight. We walked down to the cove, which is the at the end of the beach area where we live. There are some rocks to one side, and it is really shallow and has some awesome fish!
 We will miss the beautiful, clear, and WARM ocean waters of Florida!

Cute? haha.

Thanks for coming to visit us Katie! We had such a fun time playing and hanging out. Come visit us again soon...this time in California!! :) 

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ej said...

Getting back on the catamaran looks... awkward. Thats a little secret they never show you on the Bachelor!
It looks like such a fun trip though, I loved Miami when I visited. The water there is like bath water. Gorgeous.