Sunday, November 6, 2011


As most of you may know, I FINALLY got a job a few weeks back (yay!). Now that I have officially been a working woman for a few weeks, I really feel like I need to be a grown up (weird). I go to work from 9-5 every day, which can be difficult, but I am definitely really lucky. When I graduated from BYU, I never thought I would actually be able to work in book publishing. But here in I am, living in Miami, working at Scribe where I am working with books from publishers like Random House, Palgrave-Micmillan, etc. Big publishers like that hire us to do their copy editing, typesetting, html conversion, and e-book creation. Basically they decide what books they want to publish and we do most of the work behind the publishing process.

Right now all I do is convert regular book documents into html e-book documents, but after my three-month training/probation period, I can take the editing test and become a more full-time copy editor! It is just such a dream come true to be able to work with books and to know what kinds of new ideas authors are having. I am excited to start editing more so I can really read each story and get to know the characters. I know I am so lucky to even have a job right now, but the fact that I have a job in the field that I love makes me even luckier.

I have also begun the game of (somewhat) extreme couponing. It is so addicting!! I am not good enough to get everything for free all the time, but I have gotten pretty good at least saving fifty percent on the my grocery bill. It is actually pretty fun, and I like being able to get the things I need for a steal! The best deals so far have been on things like make-up and toiletries. If you pay attention, you can get that stuff for almost nothing!

Anyways, I promise to be better at the blog in the near future. I need to keep you all up to date on our crazy life in Miami! (literally the foreign country of the U.S. At least I have a foreign-sounding last name now! I fit in way better. haha)


ej said...

Your job sounds so dreamy! Seriously! I want to hear more about exactly what you do, so cool.
I think you should do a post each week on your couponing steals and call it your "Gaflarginbargain" :)

Sarah said...

So cool! You and Callie have jobs in editing! Definitely post more about what you and Brad are up to in Miami.

Rosemary said...

Ej - what a great word! Mj - great post. Keep up the great work and way to go to Bj!!!!