Monday, September 27, 2010

Us...thus far

So today I realized that I have made posted on the blog in FOREVER. Our lives have been ridiculously busy. I am in my final year at BYU and for some reason decided it would be smart to take 18 CREDITS! Holy cow. Brad is also working full time at a sale company while I am finishing up school. We are waiting to hear from several dental schools to find out what we will be doing next year. Pray for us! It is definitely a difficult thing to go through, the dental application process. We are hoping to get a spot somewhere for the Fall 2011 school year. AHH.The first football game! Brad is definitely the bearded stud!

Anywho, our lives have been just that--moving to the new apartment, going to school and work and trying to enjoy some BYU Football. We have been able to have a little bit of fun though! A lot of my freshman year and high school friends just got home from their missions, so we have had a few reunions and just a few fun times hanging out with old friends. I guess I have had more fun than Brad, but he has been a good sport about meeting my old friends and what not. What a guy :)

The girls from our freshman ward.

BYU 95th Ward Reunion! Missed those kids for sure.

Two of my high school best friends, Sarah and Pete. Now we just need Kenton to get home and our little family will be reunited!

I will get up some pics of the new apartment as soon as we have finished putting up our decor. Hopefully you have all been well!!


Marianne and Brad


Rosemary said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging! I love your new blog wall paper. Love you guys.

Sarah & Garrett Condie said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Good luck with the dental school stuff