Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Golden Birthday

Well, yesterday was my golden birthday! I turned 20 on the 20th! It was kinda lame because its finals week so everyone is busy. However, we were able to have a short party on saturday night with just a few people to celebrate. Thanks to my fiancee for letting my use his apartment! Here are some pics of the night.

One of my presents. Birthday Princess accessories!

Jeffy and I just hanging out.

Some of my closest friends who came to the party- Britten, Sarah, Me and Elise
(Britten and Sarah are two of my bridesmaids :)

Blowing out the candles!

Don't I have a good looking finacee? I am so lucky! :)

Happy Birthday...to ME!


Rosemary said...

Happy Happy Birthday Marianne :) We love you. Love Mom and Dad

Adam & Jetta said...

Happy Birthday!!! You look beautiful. Good luck with the end of the semester

ej said...

Looks like your party was fun- the crown looks so natural on your head :) hope you had a great day!