Friday, November 14, 2008

A Full Family Weekend!

What a weekend it was!! Momma Bell popped into Provo on Wednesday evening for my very first game of the season, and to meet a certain boy i like of course (Bradley) :). After what seemed like an eternity without them, we met up with our favorite friends from Virginia, Erin, Nathan and the kids!!! Boy do i miss sunday dinners and hangouts with them. Then, Cousin Jessica came with uncle ray on friday afternoon was well. We had a yummy lunch at Cafe Rio then went to the mall for a little bit ( um, who doesn't need to go shopping when a momma is in town? :)
Mom and Aly Hota

Me and Kenna Jolie!

Mom, Bradley and I met up with Jessica and Uncle Ray for the Football fireside on friday night where we got to listen to jeff speak. Woo! After that we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Red Robin! MMM!!
Lets see...on saturday, everybody went to the football game. I only got to stop by for about a half hour because I had a game that night too! We played Dixie St. and kicked their trash by about 30 pts. I even got some solid PT! Four mins??? haha. It was fun to have such a large fan club at the game. After that we all went to olive garden and sat there talking and just having fun for a few hours!
Sunday was the greatest day for me! We went up to Park City and had dinner and spent time with the kids! And I truly enjoyed letting my mom, Nathan and Erin get to know Bradley. (I need their input of course! Thumbs up guys???) Here are some pics of us in Park City just playin around!
Bradley and I :)

Jeffy with Crazy Kohen and Kennedy!

I'm sorry but i had to add this! We captured Erin's face in the most priceless expression. Love it! and Erin, you are just our size :) hahaha

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ej said...

Dang it was so fun! But over SO fast! I need these pictures. Um Brad gets a thumbs up for several reasons - but a thumbs dee-yown because he likes to kiss a lot, ha ha j/k I showed Aly the picture of she and Rosie and she said- 'That's Wosie. She pretty.' Okay, now what was I doing in that picture again? Besides channeling the ugly that is, lol.