Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sarah's 18th Birthday!!

So my best friend Sarah just turned 18 last saturday and we had a really fun party. We went to dinner then dancing on friday night and stayed up watching movies and eating junk food, as all good girl parties consist of. Then we spent the night out on the top balcony of liberty square and it was super fun! On saturday for Sarah's REAL birthday, we took a big group of friends and we floated down the provo river on tubes. It was really fun, even though I got flipped over into freezing cold water! haha. Provo is definitely fun in the summer :)

All of our best Virginia friends! Pete, Sarah, me and Kenton. My favorite people :)

Where are we going?? Sarah doesn't know! We were actually crashing some dance at the wilk.

Dancing the night away with my friend Michelle! We know how to get down.

We all love birthdays! haha. What a crazy night.

Happy Birthday Sarah Terry!!! :)

Marianne and Sarah or....Belle and Snow White, Disney Princesses!

We all got sweet tats on our arms in celebration of Sarahs birthday. Look at those guns!

Waking up on the balcony the morning after. What an awesome party!

On the way to Vivienne Park. We had to squeeze the tubes and all the people in the car. However, Sarah and I had plenty of room up front.

Getting ready to float down the Provo River! It was definitely so much fun. Everyone should float down the river if they visit Provo.

Hope you had a great birthday Sarah!!



Looks like fun! Cute swimsuit too.

ej said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! What an extended birthday bash, I'm impressed! And why can't I think of where the Provo river is? hmmm. One week left till you visit! :)