Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Classic Skating

So we had a whole ward family home evening on Monday Night and we went CLASSIC SKATING. It was definately difficult because I haven't done it in forever. It was all i could do to just stay standing! We all had to get dressed up in funky mismismatched clothes or just funky skating outfits. It was really fun!! We went to D.I. and looked through everything until we found some pretty awesome outfits. They played all kinds of music and we just had fun dancing and skating and trying not to fall. Even though it happened on several occasions....needless to say everyone had a few bruises after it was all over. But still had a great time!

My Sweet Skating Outfit!

This is me and sarah when we first arrived!

Me and my Suitemates :)

A big group!

I definately think that i am going to do this when i come home! it was a fun night.


ej said...

Marzipan - We cannot wait for you to come home. The kids ask about you every day. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

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